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Announcing new UK agents.

We are delighted to announce that Soho Production Music now represent Dennis Music in the UK.

There is a great synergy between our two companies and we are happy to be working together to share the Dennis Music catalogue in the UK, as well as our popular world/ ethnic ESCD label.

Please contact Soho directly for any UK licensing enquires.

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New release: The Magic of Inspiration

Fantastic new release from Mickey Smid.

Music is an amazing thing! The right inspiring or motivational tracks can give your production a huge lift. On this album you will find 17 inspiring songs that will help to get your message across. An uplifting, positive and inspirational vibe without getting in the way of your message and dialogue.

A clean, modern sound and plenty of magical moments to enhance scene transitions.

Click here to listen

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New release: The Magic of Hits

Our hottest new release is The Magic of Hits.

Contemporary modern tracks inspired by the likes of Lost Frequencies, Avicii, Pharrell and Daft Punk.

It's an infectious and hypnotizing collection with a strong focus on pop-friendly chart music, future house, EDM, dance and bass heavy rap. Also some underground tracks thrown into the mix. 

Click here to listen. 

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New dance music release: The Magic of EDM

The Magic of EDM - HDCD1389

For years now, Electronic Dance Music (also known as EDM) has been growing bigger and bigger, and has long since made the jump into mainstream radio.

This is a collection of sophisticated EDM tracks characterized by sweet melodies that immediately get stuck in your head and an occasionally unexpected surprise-section for extra magic sparkles. Add a big drop with lots of bass, gritty synths and sizzling white noise to that, and you've got the pocket definition of the Magic of EDM!

Click here to listen

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Dennis Music


New release: Indie Pop

Latest release from one of our labels - Stock Music. SMI 378

If your project needs a creative, individualistic and energetic feel with a touch of alternative charm, this selection of Indie Pop tracks will fit the bill. Postive, melodic, angst-free and with infectious jangling guitars and innovative drum beats, your visuals will bob nicely to these infectious beats.

Click here to listen.

Dennis Music
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Documentary Tools Series

Are you a documentary or film maker? Perhaps you are always searching for the perfect music to create atmosphere, pace, drama and mood for your production.

Dennis Music are delighted to announce a brand new series of CD's produced with you in mind.

Documentary Tools is a series of 8 CD's featuring over 350 tracks in total. 

With the Documentary Tools Series you will find something suitable for all styles of films.  The ideal tool for all your documentary music needs!

Click here to listen to Documentary Tools 1
Click here to listen to Documentary Tools 2
Click here to listen to Documentary Tools 3
Click here to listen to Documentary Tools 4
Click here to listen to Documentary Tools 5
Click here to listen to Documentary Tools 6
Click here to listen to Documentary Tools 7
Click here to listen to Documentary Tools 8

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Intros, bridges and endings

We are delighted to introduce our latest release from Dennis Music - a CD containing 99 concise tracks suitable for all types of productions, and featuring intros, bridges and endings. 

Every song has a start, a middle and an end. We have made life easy for you by offering these short tracks which are the perfect opening, closing or mid-section to your scene. These set the mood or style in an instant, and help to link and end scenes.

After all, you've got to start (and end) somewhere!

Dennis Music
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#3 Our Featured Composers: Wouter van Bemmel

Welcome to the third in our series showcasing some of Dennis Music’s most creative and popular composers. We are delighted to introduce the illustrious Dutch composer Wouter van Bemmel.
Wouter began his career as a trumpet player and then as part of pop, salsa and jazz bands. His compositions, being theatrical in nature, easily made the switchover to film music. He has been awarded numerous awards including an Oscar nomination, short film, public prize at the Cinekid festival , and special recommendation prize at International Documentary Festival.  He has composed music for over 40 films, 60 television programmes, numerous TV and cinema commercials. Some audio producers have commented that he is too good for library music! But as all users of library music know, the quality of library music is so high you could only expect a composer like Wouter to contribute.
Wouter van Bemmel has made 8 albums with Dennis Music – Detective Stories, Transparence, Film Drama Vol 1&2 and 4 Arabian Moods CD’s.
You can have a listen to a wide selection of this music here

Did you know? Wouter has performed as a jazz musician at many festivals, including the world renowned North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam


New CD Releases

Mediatracks have released three new CDs including the 9th Commercial Cuts CD, perfect for advertising with inspirational lifestyle, contemporary and confident tracks.

The other two CD's are Real Lives featuring guitar and piano themes and Hyperaction, a pumping CD of adrenalin driven sports action.

Have a listen to Real Lives here

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New Release: Jerusalem

Check out our latest album release - Jerusalem.

It is a moving, religious journey from latin plainsong to pop. It will leave you emotional and uplifted. It includes the celebrated track Agnus Dei which spent weeks in the charts in the Netherlands - in its 20 minute entirety!

Perfect for films and anything where you need to create a spiritual atmosphere.

Dennis Music
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#2 Our Featured Composers: Andrew Price

We continue our series showcasing some of Dennis Music's composers with one of our more prolific writers Andrew Price

Andrew studied violin and piano at Chethams school of Music in Manchester and has played for BBC Symphony Orchestra and BBC Philharmonic as 1st violinist. He has played concerts all over the world and travelled extensively, which has also seen him become a category winner in the Photographer of the Year competition.

His film work includes Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, One More Kiss and 28 Days Later, and he has done session work and string arranging for Pete Waterman, Mariah Carey, Steps, Westlife and many others.

He has produced 14 fantastic albums for Dennis Music, including ‘Themes Moods & Atmospheres’, ‘Documentary’ and ‘Love Stories’.

You can listen to a selection of his tracks by clicking here

Did you know? Andrew was in the first ever String Quartet to play on Top of the Pops for Sam Brown’s hit single ‘Stop’.


#1 Our Featured Composers: Colin Orr

Welcome to the first in our exciting new series "Our Featured Composers"

Dennis Music has a broad and varied catalogue of high quality music, and we would like to introduce some of the people behind the music. Each week we will feature a different composer along with a selection of their music. We are delighted to start off with the well-know progressive rock pioneer Colin Orr.

Colin was born in Liverpool and founded the progressive rock group Janus in 1970, part of the EMI Harvest label which included Deep Purple, Pink Floyd and Edgar Broughton.

The Janus LP Gravedigger is considered to be a turning point in European progressive music. Due to constant demand the Gravedigger Cd was re-released in 1989 and Colin recreated Janus and had a top 40 hit in Holland with Agnus Dei.

He plays guitar, piano, bass, drums and keyboards and writes classical new age and rock music.

He produced 9 albums with us, 6 of which were in collaboration with Bill Woodgate.

You can have a listen to selection of his tracks here
Did you know? Colin lives and works in the farmhouse used by the Biggs for the Great Train Robbery


Our Featured Composers

At Dennis Music we work with a talented and diverse range of world class composers and musicians, and we would like you to meet them.

So over the new few weeks we will be presenting a series of “Our Featured Composers”  to showcase this incredible talent and introduce you to the people behind our fantastic music.

Watch out for the first of Our Featured Composers ... COLIN ORR - coming soon!


More new music

Commercial Cuts 8.

30 bright, uplifting and energetic tracks suitable for creative advertising shorts.

Have a listen to the whole album here 


Don't forget to check out our custom made playlists. These take the work out of searching for tracks yourself. And of course if you would like a personalized one, you just need to email us with the details and it's as good as done!
Click on Music Search, or use the search bar to begin.
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New Release

Are you searching for atmospheric, beautiful & moving pieces of music to compliment your production?

Have a listen to our latest album Reflections. Over 20 tracks of inspiring music on a wide range of instruments including saxophone, violin, harp, piano, guitar and clarinet.  

Just don't get too emotional!

For the Love of Music.

Searching for great music

Finding the best track for your production can be a challenge and that is why we are here to help.
Just contact us with your brief and we can create a customised playlist of music to suit all your requirements.

Email us today and take a break while we do the searching for you.

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