AMP library - Royalty-free Music

AMP library - Royalty-free Music Sometimes budgets are tighter and you discover the money available for music in your production is less than you thought. No need to worry, let us take away the stress and hassle with our royalty free music collection.

We are pleased to offer a catalogue containing over 2,500 high quality tracks produced for audio-visual productions. The tracks are recorded in state of the art recording studios and are high level audio fidelity.

You can synchronize any of our music in an unlimited number of productions. And the best thing about the AMP music collection is that it is truly royalty free - all you pay for is the annual licence to use it. For most royalty free music you still need to pay a public performance fee for your audiovisual production (for use on website, trade fair, tv, radio etc). With AMP our cost includes all performing rights, saving you and your clients additional fees from PRS that can often come as a surprise with royalty free music.

And last of all there are no cue sheets to complete or royalty reporting. You can simply pay the annual license and all the music is available for you to use, for all rights, all productions, worldwide and in perpetuity.

Annual fee only £950 (ex VAT)
Single track fee only £105 (ex VAT)

You can search for music immediately and when you want to download and use the tracks simply email us at and we will provide the necessary login details.

Please note: Fees should be paid before login details are made available.

Visit the website to start searching for music. AMP library and don’t let your lower budget stop you from using some great music.